S&P Capital IQ Reiterates its HOLD Rating on EBAY

October 13 00:00 2011

NEW YORK, October 13 (RainbowNewsLine.com) – Analyst Scott Kessler of S&P Capital IQ reiterates his HOLD rating on the shares of EBAY (NASDAQ: EBAY).

Analyst Scott Kessler, in a research note published yesterday, mentions that EBAY’s X.commerce developers’ conference is expected to reveal various important and interesting announcements, where focus will be commerce platforms supported by EBAY. An unconfirmed report Bloomberg suggests that a PayPal Access deal will be announced and it will help ecommerce users to log on third party sites and use PayPal effortlessly. An announcement on Facebook is expected in the conference, as EBAY’s board added an executive from the company.