Research In Motion May Have to Compensate BlackBerry Outage

October 14 00:00 2011

New York, October 14 ( – Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian telecom company, which is known for pioneering the smartphone market worldwide may have run into trouble with its service outage. Blackberry users across the globe were shocked when an outage prevented them from using the services for 3 days.

In many countries there are laws which mandate that the service provider compensate the customers in case there is such an outage. For instance, Spain’s Telefonica has already announced that it will compensate its customers for the service glitches that they faced. Vodafone is also considering similar steps to protect its reputation from taking a beating.

These service providers have not yet announced whether they will be perusing Research In Motion (RIM) to compensate for these losses. Cases of outage have happened earlier but they have been for an hour or two. They were therefore managed by the service providers themselves. But this time the amount may get big and the service providers are bound to chase Blackberry for compensation.

RIM is already in a precarious financial position. Any more claims will put it in further jeopardy. However, not compensating the customers will drive them in the hands of competitors like Apple which are more responsible companies that ensure they deliver what they promise.