WSJ Faces Charges of Cooking Up Circulation Numbers

October 14 00:00 2011

New York, October 14 ( – The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) which is one of the largest financial publication houses within the UK and the USA has been accused of using illegitimate means of propping up its circulation figures. According to speculations, this is the main issue behind the departure of Andrew Langhoff who was the Chief Editor of the newspapers European edition. Insiders claim that the reason behind Langhoff’s departure was a breach of editorial integrity.

Andrew Langhoff had forged a partnership with an organization named Executive Learning Partnership (ELP). Later Langhoff launched a special scheme under which he would sell the newspaper to ELP at 1 euro cent per copy, way below the market rate. ELP would buy these papers in huge numbers and then distribute them to students. This took WSJ’s readership to new highs.

However, there are speculations that the amount that ELP spent on purchasing these copies was provided by none other than WSJ itself. In this case, there is a breach of integrity. This is because advertisers pay for the ads based on the number of readers. In this case, WSJ is manipulating the numbers in its favor and against its competition.

However, the source of the funds has not been ascertained and both Langhoff and WSJ have a clean slate till now.