Twitter Will Outlast Google+ and Facebook with Simplicity – CEO Dick Costolo

October 18 00:00 2011

New York, October 18 ( – Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo said today that twitter will outlast Google+ and Facebook because it is maintaining its simplicity. Speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California, he said that nearly 250 million tweets are being sent out by Twitter users every day and that the reason for the site’s rising popularity is it is simple to use without many new features.

He said, “We think we can reach every person on the planet, we think the way to do that is to simplify it. Over time, Google+ and Facebook will be more and more different than the experience we want to pass onto our users.”

Twitter has maintained its features since it was started. Each Tweet is around 140 characters long and it can be sent through a mobile application or through a text message. Moreover, it can work on any device and as such it has outlasted other forms of communications that get snapped or disrupted during periods of social unrest like the revolutions and uprisings that took place during the Arab spring.

Costolo said that currently there are 100 million active Twitter users and nearly 50 percent of them log in every day, compared to 30 million users at the beginning of the year. He added that, “Not only has the global actives number grown tremendously this year, but the logins per day has grown tremendously. It was an extraordinary engineering challenge.”