Violence Breaks Out In Athens

October 21 00:00 2011

New York, Oct 21 ( – The protest rallies held by Greek workers turned out to be violent.  More than 100,000 of the Greek population who are fed up of the increasing doses of government austerity, took to the streets. There have been violent attacks at major places in the capital city of Athens including the parliament.

The police had to launch tear gas and smoke bombs to disperse the crowds. The crowds have lost trust in their government as well as in the intention of International lenders. Most Greek citizens believe that the lenders are profiting at their expense. The severe string of austerity measures that are being rolled out, are not likely to enable Greece to make further payments. Greece is already bankrupt. Increasing taxation hikes, wage cuts, etc. are only helping the rich investors reap profits out of their misery.

Meanwhile, international lenders are upset that Greece continues to be behind schedule for the reforms it had agreed upon. They are pressurizing the Greek government to make good on its obligations. The Greek government seems to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Neither the population nor the international lenders seem to be in any mood to listen or negotiate.