Ron Paul And The $ 1 Trillion Savings Package

October 22 00:00 2011

New York, Oct 22, 2011 ( – Ron Paul has announced a revolutionary plan to address the nations increasing economic and financial woes. He plans to save a whopping $1 trillion by cutting federal government’s expenses. He proposes to do this by slashing many of the federal governments departments and schemes. The plan may also end up downsizing close to 10% of the federal workforce.

This plan would have been tremendously unpopular in US or in any other country some years back. However, the recent economic recessions have made people realize that the number one problem facing the people is big government. All the schemes taken over by the government are basically a redistribution of wealth. To facilitate this redistribution, whole departments are maintained which result in wasteful expenditure. This also leads the federal government to the brink of debt.

Ron Paul has also announced revolutionary steps like auditing the Fed. This has been the bone of contention with President Obama’s government for quite long. He has also proposed reducing corporate taxation levels to 15% and abolishing Capital Gains tax. He is also offering the young people the option to choose Medicaid if they want to.

With the help of these radical measures, Ron Paul hopes to get the expenditure back to 2006 levels.