Military Veterans Face High Unemployment at 11.7%

October 22 00:00 2011

New York, Oct 22, 2011 ( – In a shocking statistic revelation, it has been learnt that the number of unemployed military veterans is close to 11.7% as compared to the average unemployment rate of 9.1%. If we add partial and part time employment in this figure, the result is likely to be much higher. Approximately 1 in 5-6 veterans may be facing financial difficulties.

President Obama finds this situation hopeless. He has prepared a solution whereby he is ready to give $9600 tax credit to organizations that offer jobs to military veterans. President Obama correctly states that these people disrupt their family life, their career and risk their lives for the country. The last thing they must face when they come back home is unemployment!

Most of the corporations seem to agree with Obama’s argument. However, they see little benefit in the $9600 tax advantage. Organizations will hire people which can do the job best. If they started hiring people for tax credits, they would soon have no income to pay taxes on.

Most experts say that military personnel are extremely skilled in communications and marketing. They also display soft skills like initiative, leadership, project management etc. However, the employers fail to understand and evaluate military experience and reject candidates because they do not want to make uncertain decisions.