Nasdaq Hackers Accessed Information of Company Boards

October 21 00:00 2011

New York, October 21 ( – Reliable sources have revealed that hackers of Nasdaq’s computer systems last year spied on directors of publicly held companies by installing malicious software. Contrary to what Nasdaq OMX group said in February that they had found no evidence of hackers accessing customer information it is now evident that the cyber attack was more serious.

Although the FBI and National Security Agency are still on the job of investigation, it is not known as to what information was stolen by the hackers. Tom Kellermann, a well-known cyber security expert with years of experience protecting central banks and other high-profile financial institutions from attack, said “God knows exactly what they have done. The long term impact of such attack is still unknown.”

However, investigators believe that a “blended attack” had taken place whereby elite hackers infiltrate one target to facilitate access to another. Nasdaq had previously shown confidence that its trading platforms were not compromised by the hackers, but the hackers were able to access confidential documents and communications of board directors by first attacking a Web-based software program called Directors Desk that is used by corporate boards to share documents and communicate with executives, among other things.

Investigators believe that hackers were able to spy on “scores” of directors who logged onto before the malicious software was removed.