Euro Falls Again on the Second Day

October 03 00:00 2011

New York, October 3 ( – Euro fell against dollar by 0.3 percent to $ 1.3341 per dollar for the second day. Due this crisis, the European Finance Ministers have a discussion to conquer the biggest problem they are facing. In the meeting, the officials will discuss to increase their rescue fund and make fresh budget to cope up with the issue.

Imre Speizer, who is a strategist in Auckland at Westpac Banking Corporation; Australia’s second largest lender, said “Europe’s “crisis, will probably be stretched for many, many months,” if crisis will remain same then the sliding of the euro will remain same.

In the current scenario, the international market-facing end numbers of crisis one by one. According to a survey, on 30th September European currency slid by 0.6 percent to 102.52 yen from 103.12 yen and 1.3 percent whereas, dollar was 0.3 percent weaker 76.86 yen. Since December 1, 2010, after falling to 95.93 cents Australian dollar weakened to 0.3 percent to 96.37 cents and New Zealand’s currency fell to 75.74 cents, the lowest since 30th march.

The Finance Ministry of Greece government has declared to fire the state workers and approved $6.6 billion to austerity measures.