Apple Launches iPhone 5 on Tuesday

October 04 00:00 2011

New York, October 4 ( – The latest version of the iPhone, fifth in the series, will be launched by Apple on Tuesday after an interval of 15 months. With this iconic device, Apple hopes to maintain its lead and ward off growing competition from rivals running Google’s Android system.

The iPhone 5 will be launched from Apple’s headquarters by newly appointed CEO Tim Cook. This will be the first major launch in years without Steve Jobs. It is expected to be faster and thinner, with a larger screen and the timing of the launch has been designed to be just before the holiday shopping season.

Fans, investors, industry insiders and the media eagerly await Apple launches that are supposed to be the hottest events on the tech calendar. Cook will mark his unofficial debut since taking over from Steve jobs in August, in Tuesday’s “Let’s talk iPhone” show, starting at 1 p.m. Eastern time. A cameo appearance by Jobs is not unlikely although it will not be a major disappointment if he does not do so.

Apple’s new phone will be facing challenge from its own iPhone 4 that was launched 15 months ago and had proved to be a hit with more than 20 million phones being sold in the third quarter ending June 25.
Some of the new features that are expected in iPhone 5 include the updated iOS5 software, improved notification functions and better Twitter integration.