S&P Equity Research Reiterates HOLD Rating on Toyota Motors ADSS

October 04 00:00 2011

NEW YORK, October4, (RainbowNewsLine.com): Analyst Efraim Levy of S&P Equity Research reiterates his HOLD rating on Toyota Motors ADSS (NYSE: TM)

Analyst Efraim Levy, in a research note published yesterday, mentions that Toyota accounted a 17.5% drop in their September sales volumes as compared to the last year. The analyst believes that such fall is an after-effect of Japanese crisis. The analyst is also projecting an increase in October sales as the company is operating above its official capacity in the fourth quarter. This Japanese automaker is gearing to retrieve its lost market share by active marketing, with updated and innovative products and a final surge from truck sales, the analyst adds. The strong Yen might hurt the Japanese exports but still the worst results are deemed to be over, according to S&P Equity Research.