Ford Motor Announces New Investment and Recruitment Plans

October 05 00:00 2011

NEW YORK, 5 October ( – Ford Motor (NYSE: F) strikes a deal with United Auto Workers (UAW) that would create hundreds of jobs, bonuses for active workers and a $1 billion investment.

On Tuesday, UAW (United Auto Workers) and Ford Motor Co. reached to a deal where Suburban Kansas City Ford plant may expect hundreds of new jobs and $1 billion investment. Gov. Jay Nixon appreciated such an epic contract, as it will pump the manufacturing in the state. Nixon, a Democrat, charmed Ford Motor Co to carry on the production of Ford Escapes and F-150s’ at its Claycomo Plant in the Kansas City area by granting them $100 million tax break as announced in last special legislative session.

The automaker has plans for Buffalo stamping plant in Hamburg, under this deal this plant may expect to receive $136 million as new investment and 400 new jobs. Rep. Brian Higgins said that senior Ford officials assured them of rehiring of 120 laid off workers and 400 new jobs to their Route 5 plant.

Ford Motor has some aggressive arrangements to add 12,000 jobs by 2015 and promised to invest $4.8 billion in its US factories.  Patrick Radtke, 897 chairman and president, was quoted saying “There’s a lot of good things in this agreement for the working people of America,”. The Hamburg plant has about 540 active hourly workers and about 120 on layoff, he said.

On Tuesday Schumer said “The announcement from Ford is everything we asked for” in both jobs and investment.”

Arthur Wheaton, an auto industry expert at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations in Buffalo, called “the deal good for the Hamburg plant and predicted it will be ratified”.