Riots Erupt In Greece As Government Tries To Force More Austerity

October 07 00:00 2011

New York, October 7 ( – The Greek crisis has now assumed a social and political shape from the purely economic crisis. The Greek people took to the streets in the form of angry mobs as violence erupted in Athens.

The protest was largely held by two groups. One was a group of young students or young unemployed people who were pelting stones and damaging property, while the other was a group of government employees who were now upset over the pay cuts, bonus cuts, downsizing and rising taxation. In order to bring the situation under control, the Police in Athens had to go ahead and fire tear gas to ensure that the crowd gets divided into ancillary streets from the main square before matters turned worse.

The Greek people had been expressing widespread discontent in the media as well as in the streets against the triple whammy that the Greek government has put them into. Firstly there are pay cuts and job losses, secondly there is rising taxation and thirdly there is increasing inflation. This means that the government is taking away a lion’s share of the workers produce to pay up for its wasteful spending. Agitated workers are demanding that the rich pay up for this rather than the average person suffer even more.