Steve Jobs – A Short Bio of The Geek God

October 07 00:00 2011

New York, October 7 ( – Steve Jobs, former Chief Operating Officer of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has passed away sending the technology world and people in general in an emotion of grief. Steve Jobs was a visionary and had risen through life after immense struggle and was a motivation for many.

Steve Jobs was born to an unwed mother, later adopted by social parents who were not economically well off. Steve then went to Reed College, which he decided to drop out to pursue his interests. In a partnership with Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs formed Apple Inc in a garage and soon grew it to a $2 billion company with its Operating System Macintosh. He was then unceremoniously fired from Apple by the Board of Directors.

Unhindered, Steve created another company called Pixar Animation and took it to new heights as Apple computers faltered in its operations. Eventually Steve Jobs was called back by the management of Apple to lead the dwindling organization.

Ever since Steve Jobs took over the organization, he launched a series of successful products like the iPod, iPad and the iPhone which not only commanded a premium but had a cult following in the marketplace.

Even in a faltering market, the wizard of technology had created a corporation that achieved remarkable feat of having a market cap of $365 billion and increased the stock valuation by close to 4500% from $8 in 2001 to $382 in 2011.

Rest in Peace Steve!