Energy Officials Role in Influencing Solyndra Loan Under Investigation

October 08 00:00 2011

New York, October 8 ( – A fundraiser for President Obama, Steve Spinner, who was given an Energy Department job and who was barred from discussions about helping Solyndra, pressurized his colleagues to act on Solyndra’s application for a $535 million US loan guarantee. Spinner’s wife worked at a law firm that represented Solyndra, California, maker of solar panels.

Solyndra had filed for bankruptcy Sept 6, two years after getting the loan guarantee. Some e-mails have been obtained yesterday that show Spinner actively participated in discussions regarding the loan guarantee, which is being investigated by the FBI and which is the subject of a congressional investigation.

Republicans have been alleging that the decision to aid Solyndra was politically tainted and economically unsound. The latest emails, which are part of a new batch of documents the White House sent to congressional investigators, have given them further evidence to support their claims.

House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican, and Representative Cliff Stearns, a Florida Republican and chairman of the investigations panel, said that “The paper trail released by the White House portrays a disturbingly close relationship between President Obama’s West Wing inner circle, campaign donors and wealthy investors that spawned the Solyndra mess.” The emails written by Spinner provide evidence to this effect.