US Unemployment Figure Stays At 9.1% But Broader Index May Have Risen To 16.5%

October 11 00:00 2011

New York, October 11 ( – American Payroll Data presented to the general public which shows that the US government has been able to stabilize the monstrous unemployment rate maybe a sham. According to the data, the government has been able to stabilize the unemployment rate at 9.1% and prevent it from increasing. However, as analysis shows this is nothing but using statistics to state a blatant lie.

The US government defines unemployed as someone who is out of work for the past four weeks, is looking for work and is not able to find it. However, a large amount of employment in the country has been in the form of reduced hours. Many employers have shifted many full time workers to part time workers. Thus these people would not fall under the purview of unemployment even though they are drastically under employed. Many of them are not able to make ends meet for their families.

Also the US government forgets to mention the increase in the labor force. True, that the US government created 398000 jobs in the period but the labor force increased by 423000 in the same period. So the US government has ended up adding close to 50000more unemployed even though the rate appears the same and allows the Congress to make people believe that they have stabilized it.