Paulson And Co Lose 47% Of Their Funds Value

October 11 00:00 2011

New York, October 11 ( – In a ground breaking revelation by hedge fund Paulson and Co, they have stated to their investors that the fund has lost an astronomical 47% of its value due to bets gone wrong in the past month or so. According to close sources, Paulson was making bets on the hope of an economic recovery which as we see is not the case. The fund being amongst the top 5 hedge funds in the world, the quantum of these losses may be staggering.

However, what may be more staggering is the fact that the wonder hedge fund manager has misjudged the market so completely. Mr Paulson had quite an enviable record when it came to hedge fund management. He had been getting it right for many years in a row. In fact many fo his investors still back him in the hope that his Midas touch will come back. Mr Paulson had shot to fame when his fund made supernormal profits by betting against the subprime mortgages. Hence they were making money when the biggies of Wall Street were going bust.

The investors of Paulson hedge fund have an option to continue to stay invested or exit the fund. Most investors are in a dilemma regarding what would be the best course of action.